La Palma Film Commission is a non-profit office, dependent on the Promotion and Economic Development Society of La Palma (SODEPAL) Its main objective is to promote the implementation of film, television and advertising projects on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain). We offer audiovisual and services companies and professionals the best procedures and tools to support optimal development of any audiovisual project on the island:

Free advice on locations in La Palma

We advise and provide answers to possible requests for filming locations, both national and international.

First level centralised management for filming permits

We simplify the procedures for obtaining filming permits centralizing all information in our online portal and / or by direct consultation with La Palma Film Commission .

Basic information on taxation in the Canary Islands.

Tax incentives basic information point for the audiovisual sector that the Canary Islands Government and the Ministry of Finance have in force in the legislative framework of the Canary Islands.

Based data management of audiovisual professionals and service companies.

Development and maintenance of audiovisual professionals and companies directory operating on the island of La Palma , as well as the catalog of services that can provide coverage for productions taking place in the island.

Management of statistical data on the economic and social impact generated by shootings in La Palma.

Development of a report on the economic and social impact generated by shootings in La Palma and making it available to institutions and individuals.